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    Early Saturday, an hour after midnight and after five months without a single lead, Officer Daniel received some vital information. He was assigned to the case of the missing homeless people. He had taken over the case from a senior officer, who had also gone missing after fifteen years of trying to catch the person they had labeled “the snatcher.”

    With his lights off, Officer Daniel drove down Main Street in an unmarked police car and pulled into the back of the dark parking lot adjacent to the homeless shelter. He reclined in his chair and sipped on his coffee, his eyes glued to the emergency-exit door.

    About twenty-five minutes later, the door swung open, and Officer Daniel sat up quickly and stared at the five-foot-nine-inch, two-hundred-fifty-pound black male security guard. The guard came to the edge of the sidewalk, looked around while on his phone, and then went back inside. After ten minutes, he emerged again and stood by the door, looking into the street. Officer Daniel paid little attention to him this time, until a red-and-black sports car pulled up close to the sidewalk with its lights off.

  • The driver saluted the guard, and the guard returned the gesture, after which the driver got out of the car. He was slim built, wore blue jeans and a dark-colored fitted T-shirt, and had a baseball cap on his head. Holding a bag in his hand, he looked around cautiously as he walked to the back of the car. The guard greeted him with a handshake while saying, “Good evening, Mr. Andrew. It’s nice to see you again. I apologize for the little error I made last week. The doctor already checked this one out, and he is healthy.”

    “I hope so, because I’m getting tired of these blunders.” The driver handed the guard the bag...


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Blood Night

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Deon O'garro announced today that his next novel, Blood Night will arrive at the end of December 2015!

Infused with betrayal, love, and murder, two packs of vampires embark on their own travels to discover the truth of murder's past. Set in the early 1800's, only one child holds the key to unlocking the secret past that will give life to the lead vampire.

Which pack of vampires will find the child first?

To capture, or murder...

Love, Loyalty, & Betrayal

When two competing vampire packs venture out to search for the child with the secret to life, one will kill, the other will protect.

A Deadly Secret, The Hunt for Innocence

  • Untold secrets kept quiet by an innocent child
  • Will the child live or die?
  • Only the child holds the secret to breathe life into the vampire

About the Author

Deon O'garro was born August 15th in Port- of- Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in the Islands, he never thought he would be writing his biography, or even had the capacity to write books. Playing soccer and working in the construction industry was the life he knew. After residing in the United States for many years, he continued to function as a contractor believing that was the only way for him, but life took a new meaning when he discovered the purpose of his existence. He had a dream that he wrote a script for a famous director, but initially ignored it. Plagued by the same vision two months later, he began experiencing the images of different characters, which left him befuddled for many days. As the characters took on specific names in the narrative, his proficiency and knowledge to clearly distinguish them propelled him into his writing career. He believes that this is God's plan for him and the sky is the limit.

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