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Vacation Romance

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Deon O'garro announced today that his next novel, Vacation Romance is available now through Amazon and Createspace.

Destiny prevails when the souls of Tiffany and Orlando cross paths. They cannot comprehend the feelings they both experience - the passion, the pain, and the anger. While on vacation, Tiffany and Orlando find true love in each other, with desires that know no boundaries, only weaknesses, which lead them to betray the ones they are committed to. As they desperately try to be in each other's arms, they must face the ramifications.

Is it love eternal?

About the Author

Deon O'garro was born August 15th in Port- of- Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up in the Islands, he never thought he would be writing his biography, or even had the capacity to write books. Playing soccer and working in the construction industry was the life he knew. After residing in the United States for many years, he continued to function as a contractor believing that was the only way for him, but life took a new meaning when he discovered the purpose of his existence. He had a dream that he wrote a script for a famous director, but initially ignored it. Plagued by the same vision two months later, he began experiencing the images of different characters, which left him befuddled for many days. As the characters took on specific names in the narrative, his proficiency and knowledge to clearly distinguish them propelled him into his writing career. He believes that this is God's plan for him and the sky is the limit.

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